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BD201: Festive Luxe
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Ali Heath / Narratives

Christmas in Tiffany Duggan’s London home is a mix of mega decs, party cocktails and touches of the eccentric, perfect for a fun family get together. Rocking a decadent Hollywood glamour vibe, jewel coloured decorations are mixed with abundant seasonal foliage and carefully edited festive favourites. Baubles in rich shades of aubergine, green, orange, pink and purple deck the tree, whilst parcels wrapped in handmade Esme Winter patterned papers, add stylish edge. ‘I’m not one for traditional reds and greens,’ says Tiffany. ‘For me it’s all about colour and fun - with vibrant textiles and tableware from Summerill and Bishop, and quirky floral displays from Scarlet and Violet, adding a sprinkling of glamour and opulence to our festive table.'
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