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BD237: Catherine Loft
Catherine Loft has created a serene and welcoming family home using uplifting shades of white. When Catherine and Geoff Loft decided to return to the UK after two decades of living abroad, she already had a location in York in mind: a quiet corner of the city where rows of tall townhouses are modelled on London’s beautiful Georgian and Victorian squares, a communal garden at their centre. After nine different homes in locations from Australia to Dubai, Catherine trusts her instincts. ’I have looked at lots of properties and each one that I have been happy in I have known immediately, walking through the front door,’ she says. ‘It’s a gut feeling, your intuition working, saying: “This is right for you - go with it.”.’ It sounds simple enough, but paring back, redesigning and redecorating the four-storey house took five months. Since the Lofts were still living in Dubai, it was down to designer and builder Paul Johnson of Room Room Interiors in Harrogate to keep Catherine up to speed on progress.

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