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BD251: Twists Of Fate
Do people choose houses, or do houses lie in wait for the right owners? The Evans-Pollard family searched for months for the right house, but ultimately the one on their doorstep, that they had long coveted, seemed to choose them. The Georgians got it right. Centuries before Feng Shui started teaching us how to bring tranquillity to our living spaces, the Georgians had already figured out how to create a true sense of calm in the houses they designed. The high ceilings, tall sash windows and pleasing symmetry made for wonderfully light and peaceful rooms. There is dignity and balance, and the rooms themselves flow naturally from one to the next. Chris and Susie Evans Pollard had, like many, a hankering for these qualities in their search for home. Having lived in various Victorian flats and houses in London they had got used to having light, high ceilinged rooms. Artist and illustrator Susie, working from home, particularly craves a light, airy working environment.
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