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BD253: A Well Kept Secret
It would take a happy accident to stumble upon Water Lane House. At the end of a meandering lane through the woods, it huddles under its heavy thatch, as it has done for 5 centuries, hiding from the rest of this well-known village. It is largely undiscovered even by locals of long standing. Fiona and Will Carlton Paget had rented a house in the village for 7 years, without ever clapping eyes on the house itself. It was only down the village grape line that they heard that the house was coming onto the market. A tabby cat and her three kittens take centre stage on the kitchen floor, and jack russell terriers find a seat in whichever chair catches the sun. The gossip, music, bickering and laughter of teenagers echoes around the house and their mother, garden designer Fiona, with secateurs in hand takes it all in her stride. The house is full of colour, art, flowers, fabrics, foreign finds, photos and the happy disarray of family life. This is the laid back, wonderful family home to the Carlton Paget
family, a 500-year-old house at the edge of a village, and a closely guarded secret from the outside world.
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