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RS346: Modern Boho
Intro Ever mindful of their tight budget, Nikki and Rich Graeme have given a tired Victorian terrace laid-back urban style with fresh paint colours and colourful bohemian accessories. Imagine discovering a house for sale not just in your favourite location, but on your dream street, and within budget… What more could you possibly ask for?
How about a house that doesn’t require too many alterations to transform it into a modern family home… ‘Rich and I have lived in this area of Manchester for the best part of the last 12 years,’ says entrepreneur and former journalist Nikki Graeme. ‘And this particular suburb, with its friendly, arty vibe, always felt like home to us, so were very excited when a house on our favourite street came up for sale six years ago.’ As well as loving its location and the affordable price tag, the couple agreed this lovely Victorian house had lots of potential to create Nikki’s vision for a relaxed yet cool modern home without having to spend a fortune.
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