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CP005A: Modern Rustic
Photos: Cathy Pyle / Narratives
Text and Styling: Kay Prestney / Narratives

Hidden away in the Suffolk countryside, yet only a ten-minute walk over the fields to the nearest small town, this beautiful seven-bedroom Queen Anne property is home to vintage enthusiast Lisa Waldron, her husband Tom and
their large family: three sons and twin girls.
Built in 1707 as one large property and expanded during the early Edwardian period, the house was divided into three dwellings in the mid 1950’s: the old servant quarters and the stables became smaller properties, leaving the
majority of the main house to form what is now Lisa and Tom’s home.
Lisa has filled this modern rustic style home with items that have a story to tell from their past. Collected over many years from across the UK and on holidays abroad the finds have been stylishly curated to create a family home that is both functional and beautiful. This feature showcases Lisa’s passion for vintage interior design and clever upcycling ideas.
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