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Features > Winter Homes > Christmas Homes > Rosemary and Roses in Festive Scandi Style.
RS358: Rosemary and Roses in Festive Scandi Style.
Sonja and Lucian Smithers transformed a sixties country house with Scandi style interiors and natural materials.For Sonya Smither’s Christmas begins four weeks before the Big Day, when she responds to a reminder on her phone to order her fourteen foot Christmas tree from Bignor Park the local estate down the road. Sonja explains; ‘we have a double height hall and I know to be sure I need to place my order promptly. On the designated tree arrival day the children, Scarlet 11, Coco 8 and Otto 6 are cajoled to their rooms for safety’s sake, taking Bear, our Schnauzer. Getting such a large the tree securely fixed in its pot is quite a palaver.’ Next on her agenda is a walk to the woods with the children and Bear to collect twigs for the advent calendar, holly with berries, cones and ivy for the dining table and other projects. ‘The build up to Christmas is a fun creative time for all of us.’ She says. ‘Lucian and I decorate the large tree mainly gold baubles and white satin bows. We can just reach the top of the tree from the stairs. Its important to remember you need to position a tall tree next to a stair case. We select the decorations and the children are allowed to put them on.
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