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RS360: Country Christmas in the City
Moving south of the river a new lifestyle opened up for Evie and William Martin in a spacious Victorian Villa, ideally suited to Christmas, family and friends. The arrival of invitations to the school nativity plays and carol concerts annually kick start Christmas plans in the Martins’ household. With three children. ‘Will makes the mince pies with puff pastry, raisons and fruity fillings. He choses the tree and the children and I decorate it. Every year we add to our collection and buy one or two more especially from Cherubim, the Aladdin’s cave for Christmas- a- holics, like us. The rest of the house is traditionally decked with fir garlands, candles and fairy lights.’ Evie smiles adding how they all love mucking in at Christmas and how brilliantly suited their house is to accommodate the many friends and family who are liable to come to stay.
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