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RS361: Modern Country Christmas
With reclaimed materials, a warm colour palette, and thoughtful design ideas, Sally and Gav Hurman have given their 1950s house a modern country feel. The house, although not as old as it may look, was built sympathetically to the houses surrounding it, so the main character was already here, we just added to it. For instance, the beam supporting the inglenook was a no brainer – it is structural, so has a purpose, and reclaimed was the obvious choice to mellow it. I love traditional styling on items such as taps etc, and don’t think modern sleek fittings would have suited the house. Sally is also fond of using natural decorations in her schemes throughout the year.
‘Flowers and garlands play a big part in how I style the house,’ she says, ‘especially at Christmas; I love making our home feel really festive when the two eldest boys come back from university, and when Gav and I have our mums over for dinner.
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