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RS362: Best of Both Worlds
The flat jewellery designer Isabella Townsley lives in today is very different from her previous home, albeit still a London apartment. 'My last place was in the centre of Marylebone and on the 6th floor. The rooms were much lower and smaller, and the whole place was a lot noisier' she recalls.  In contrast, the home she has now is open plan with higher ceilings and a wonderful feeling of space and light. 'This flat is much more quaint, and has lots of character. I love the layout, and with its tall windows make it feel really open and spacious,’ says Isabella.
‘I have a lovely view from the back, which faces onto a beautiful garden,’ she says. 'Although I'm still in the centre of the city with all its inspiration and life, having a view of the natural world gives me a sense of peace and provides a wonderful creative atmosphere for me in which to design my jewellery.
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