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RS364: Room to Expand
Although Carrie and Ed Speer were happy in their home in Hove, East Sussex, with a growing family their thoughts were drifting towards upscaling to a more spacious property. ‘We loved living by the sea, but ideally we wanted somewhere bigger, with a larger garden and an attractive exterior,’ says Carrie. Also on their wish list was to be near all the amenities of a decent-sized town. ‘This was an important consideration for us, as was being close to my parents'. They were delighted when they finally found exactly what they were after, but there were a few problems ahead. ‘Actually there were a lot of problems!’ admits Carrie. ‘Brexit happened as the sale was going through, and at one stage the bottom of the chain collapsed - we ended up buying a flat at the bottom end to keep the chain alive. It was a lot of hard work and very stressful, which wasn't helped by the fact Clementine was due four days after the move date. In the end, it all worked out and she arrived a lot later than expected!’
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