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RS368: Period Perfection
When Liz and Mark Warom decided to relocate from Suffolk to Sussex, it really was a whole new beginning for them. ‘Not only did we sell our house, we also sold our furniture with it,’ recalls Liz. ‘When we finally bought this place, all we had was a bed and a TV, but with a period house of our dreams we were happy to start again.’ The couple had inherited a love of older properties from their respective families. ‘We were both brought up in older, character homes and our parents were seriously into property and garden development - we’d virtually been reared on an appetite to restore,’ says Liz. In addition to wanting a home with personality, their wish list also included scope to develop, a little bit of land, a south-facing back garden, proximity to the sea, quirky features, and a swimming pool. As they weren’t familiar with the area, the couple rented for a year in nearby Hove to get to know the county better and start their search.
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