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EW062: Character Building Cottage
Photography by Emma Lewis/Narratives
Text & Styling by Jo Leevers/Narratives
Location: Gloucestershire, UK

Caddy and Archie Mackie have to remind taller visitors to watch out for the low beams that run through the 17th century Cotswold cottage.
They both learned long ago (in Archie’s case, the hard way) to duck or stoop at regular intervals. But they both agree that it’s a small price to pay for the living in a home that’s so full of character.
The couple moved to this village home 12 years ago from London and returning to the countryside felt like the right place to be to bring up their family.
Their Grade II listed home couldn’t be more quintessentially Cotswold, with roses around the front door and a flagstoned kitchen with a back door that’s often left open to the secluded garden. ‘At this time of year, fledglings from nests around the garden sometimes hop into the kitchen by mistake. Sicily has got very good at gently ushering them back out,’ says Caddy with a smile.
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