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EW063: Something Old Something New
Photography by Emma Lewis/Narratives
Text & Styling by Jo Leevers/Narratives
Location: Gloucestershire, UK

Antiques dealers Archie and Caddy Mackie have converted a tin shed, once a tailor’s workshop, into a rustic yet luxurious space. Together they run Original House, selling vintage industrial and decorative antique pieces that usually err towards the big and the bold. Think long shop counters with scraped-back layers of paint, hefty work
benches riven with saw marks and gleaming factory lights the size of cartwheels.
The couple found the perfect place to display some of their larger finds in the form of this large tin shed, once the workspace of tailors Smith & Hobbs, where rows of Singer sewing machines rattled away under its corrugated iron roof making tweeds for Gloucestershire’s hunting, riding and shooting set. It was founded in 1906 and was still turning out natty suits until the 1980s.
‘It was derelict, with a leaking roof and dangerous looking electric heaters suspended from the roof,’ remembers Archie, who did the bulk of the renovations himself.
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