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JST063: Marking Time
Photos Jody Stewart / Narratives
Text & Styling Celia Rufey / Narratives

When a house has secrets, it makes sense to listen and wait for what it might reveal. Issigeac is a small medieval town in Périgord south-west France and one of the most architecturally fascinating. Visitors flock here in summer.
Nathalie Pede lives in a town house with parts dating back to the 14th
century with 19th century additions. Nathalie moved in her furniture and
learned to live with and learn from the aspects of the house that must be
preserved. She also set up a home studio where she creates her exquisite
textile work.
Nathalie has a shop down the road from her house where she sells clothes.
She also makes toys, using pieces from her collection of antique textiles.
She has three daughters and five grandchildren.
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