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JST058: Stewart Christmas
Photos Jody Stewart / Narratives
Text & Styling Celia Rufey / Narratives

Viveca and Peter Stewart decided to move from London to Kent in 2012.
Though it meant Peter commuting to his work in the city, this was
outweighed by their mutual ambition to bring up their children - Marta
now 10, Maxi 8, and Scarlett 6 - in the country. Their search for a
property began with a wish list. Viveca declares herself a glutton for a
handsome house, so good looks were essential and a restoration project,
desirable. And their new home had to have a large garden. “We wanted
space for the children to have freedom to play and explore without us
watching their every move,” says Viveca. The question that hung in the
air as they contacted estate agents was the likelihood of finding a house in
exactly the area they wanted that delivered their requirements.
Curiously the house they did purchase is rather difficult to locate without
precise directions. It is one of those places hidden away without being in
the least isolated. The Stewarts were lucky, they discovered it quickly; it
was the second property they viewed. This six bedroom house with a two
acre garden had been a priory before Henry VIII ordered the dissolution
of the monasteries in 1536, and the oldest part of the Grade II Listed
building dates from the sixteenth century with a nineteenth century
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