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RG055: Bright and Beautiful
The whitewashed exterior of the small cottage belonging to Michael Jones and Michael Beatt gives little clue as to the delights that lie behind its walls. Stepping over the threshold, visitors are greeted by colour and character in spades and collectibles offer vignettes at every turn. ‘We don’t follow any style rules but just fill our home with the things we love,’ says Michael. Their confidence and design exuberance has paid dividends because the result is utterly charming. Back in 2010, Michael was working in product development and Mikey in sales, when they decided they wanted to devote more time to their homeware business. Hunter Jones was launched as a sideline at the beginning of the year, selling vintage and antique furniture online. ‘We wanted to expand and start adding textiles, candles and ceramics,’ says Mikey. ‘We were living in Camberwell, south-east London, but we knew that if we could halve our overheads by moving to the countryside, we would have more freedom to put our energies into the business.’ Their homewares have gone down a storm in the area and it’s not unusual to walk into a house in Rye and its environs and see a Hunter Jones rug in the hallway. The couple’s easy-going aesthetic has attracted a real following. ‘It’s easy for anyone to have a nice home,’ says Michael, ‘but unless you trust your instincts, you won’t make it your home.’ In filling the house with little treasures collected over the years, that’s exactly what Michael and Mikey have done – created a home that is full of personality and charm. Michael adds, ‘I put a lot of sentimental value on certain things because they remind me of a particular time or place.’
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