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RG056: Perfect Location
Photography: Narratives/Richard Gadsby
Text and Styling: Narratives/Janet McMeekin

Having upped sticks and moved from London, Sally and Rob Appleyard are wholeheartedly embracing the good life in their lovingly-restored period farmhouse
As Sally and Rob Appleyard navigated their way through leafy meandering country lanes, en route to view a remote farmhouse, the puzzled pair couldn’t help but wonder why the estate agent’s details lacked any photographs of the interior.
‘As soon as we arrived, we were instantly captivated by both the pretty exterior and absolutely breath-taking location, with far-reaching views over rolling hills and fields. However, having stepped inside and begun our tour of the property, we understood exactly why the rooms hadn’t been photographed,’ says Sally.
‘The house was a complete wreck and looked as though it hadn’t been touched for decades. Plaster was crumbling off the walls, there was no central heating and it was crying out for a huge injection of TLC.’
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