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TM016: In Living Memory
Photos: Tamsyn Morgans / Narratives
Text: Alice Roberton / Narratives
Styling: Tamsyn Morgans and Alice Roberton

A glorious riot of floral nostalgia, painted wood and original recycling, artist Maude Smith’s Victorian London terrace is inspired by nature, the homes of artists and a waste-not-want-not ethos passed down through generations

Having grown up in rural Yorkshire, Maude studied textiles at Edinburgh College of Art. Later, in London, she turned her attention to illustrating children’s books, mural and furniture painting, set-design, interior styling and designing and making dresses which nod towards the iconic vintage designs of Laura Ashley. ‘It was quite a struggle to find the right house as everything was horribly modernised and poky. The house was a mess of ripped out cornices and fireplaces, ugly striped carpets and shoddy plastic fittings; but it was the best I could find. Imperfection has proved more satisfying than perfection as I’ve had to get really creative to make it my own,’ explains Maude.
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